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Meet Alex & Definne

Together, Alex and Definne challenge and uplift each other with their strengths and experience creating a most powerful team that will rival corporate Hollywood on an independent scale as they continue to make films for decades to come.

Definne was born in New Orleans and moved to East Palo Alto, California as a boy. He’d grow up with a passion for music and film. As an adult, he turned his love of music into a career. He began small, recording powerful singles with whatever equipment he could get his hands on. He worked endlessly to promote himself and his music. He has worked among other artists such as Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg, David Banner, JT the Bigga Figga, and KRS-1; he has created an amazingly large following as a writer, singer, and producer.

He’s toured across the nation and internationally performing at live concerts and venues getting the title of “Mr. International.” He’s toured Grammy events and has networked with a variety of top artists and record-industry executives such as the Ying-Yang Twins, James CoCo, and Geo of the Alliance Management Group. He was even profiled in Explosion Magazine. He was then taped by Fox Television with performances going live across the world. He currently has an expansive library of over thirty five albums and over three hundred songs to his credit.

During his epic rise in music production, he found that he had an affinity to music videos. It eventually led him to his other passion, film. Just like with his rocketing music career, he started making films using whatever equipment he could get his hands on with his label Un-Tame Entertainment.  He continues to build his repertoire of films and media production, working to achieve higher success and acclaim in the fields that shaped him.

Alex Eltringham was born in Oakland and later moved to Modesto, California. Alex always had a passion for film, developed in great part by his brother Adam Gilberti Ph.D. Adam helped foster that passion and helped Alex have an acting credit at the age of five; that chilled the production team to the bone. Soon after, the brother duo went on to make The Headless Body film series that features Alex and a cast of puppeted stuffed animals.  It was called, “Unexpectedly brilliant” and remains a cult classic to this day.

With these legend worthy accomplishments before he turned twelve, he focused on story craft and writing. He found a passion for script writing, history, mythology, legends, and studying the Hero’s Journey. He attended Modesto Junior College where Emmy Nominated Professor, Carol Lancaster-Mingus took Alex exclusively under her wing with her specialty in producing and directing. They worked on several projects together, most notably the ambitious National Fire Service’s 911 Interactive Video Program, being implemented in elementary schools across the nation.

In 2011 Modesto Junior College cut the film department, but that didn’t deter him. He founded a student-led education program that kept the media arts alive in defiance of the institution. He then went to work at KAZV-TV as an executive producer developing local highlights, news, and entertainment programs. Alex has also worked with social media groups creating content and commercials, and even had record success at the Modesto View for a time. He then went to form Modesto-Con where he learned more about establishing and running a business. 

Through a mutual friend, Alex met Definne and they decided to start working on projects together. Currently together they have several short films, and two feature films with designs on a library of content.  Their company is based in Modesto CA.

Modesto and the Central Valley has had a history of notable celebrities achieving their grand dreams. Some of the most notable members are George Lucas (Star Wars), Jeremy Renner (Hurt Locker, Marvel), Timothy Olyphant (Justified, Book of Boba Fett), Justin Roiland (Rick and Morty, Gravity Falls), and Dot-Marie Jones (Glee).

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